Quick Thoughts About Sharing

[This is an excerpt from a newsletter I sent in January 2020]

A̶ ̶f̶e̶w̶ One thought for 2020:

One thing that felt fitting to start this off with and has been on my mind for a while is around the idea of sharing

2019 was definitely a year I focused on sharing less, for a lot of different reasons. I didn't post once on Instagram in 2019 (Other than a quick #topnine recap of the year of course) although many people might know this also just led to me pretending to be an investigative reporter for things no one cared about on my Instagram stories (something about the ephemerality of stories I guess made it easier to just think less about sharing)

It wasn't just Instagram though, or social media in general, that could be a whole thing in itself, it was less sharing across the board both online and in-person and it definitely led to creating less in 2019 and I want to change that. Of course, I'm not talking just posting on social media again but I want to focus on creating things again and getting over the fear of putting it out into the world.

To be honest, I even have a bad taste about writing this email. It feels like there are certain things today that feel cliché like starting a newsletter or podcast or how you act on social media/the things you share, and you don't want to just become "that guy" for a lack of better terms. It makes me try to think more about my intention behind creating things and not necessarily the outcome.

I have a lot of thoughts, feelings, and questions around this right now but they have to be worked out more for myself too so hopefully a more refined and eloquent version of them will be one of the first things I share in 2020. But I do think creating helps me process things and I think it left a lot of things unprocessed this past year.

I hope (creating) this helps me become a more effective and direct writer and communicator. I hope it helps fully flesh out more thoughts and hopefully helps me gain some new perspective on ideas from you.

I'll refrain from prefacing every single thing with "This is what I think right now based on my personal experiences to this date" but I hope it's implied that I know I'm going to be wrong, a lot, and when it seems like I'm completely missing something I would love to know!