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Sharing Products

In college I got to meet Craig Dubitsky and he told me
"We write our stories with the products we own" and "Let's create the art we want in everyday life"

LA Apparel Face Mask

Of course I had to include a face mask right now. I've tried a handful so far and this one from Los Angeles Apparel is by far my favorite go-to. Feels comfortable and with the flexible metal for the nose you can get a really secure fit so you actually feel like you're breathing through the mask rather than around it.

Modded Air Pod Pros

I want one pair of headphones for everything: running, working, traveling and these might not be the best for each but cover every scenario great. I also added memory foam from blog post and highly recommend it.

Wiivv Insoles

When I started running years ago, I started running (no pun intended) into a lot of problems, and getting these 3d printed insoles solved most of them. If I'm running more than a couple miles these are always in my shoes.

Dark Sky

I never want to pay for any app, but after my brother has sworn by this app for a year, I splurged and spent a couple bucks on the app, and no other weather app rivals this one.

Bellory Wallets

Bellroy has been my go to for wallets for years, and have had multiple versions of this note sleeve. I love the size, bills fit perfectly and is slightly taller for other currencies, and is a pleasure to use every day.

Adidas UltraBOOST 19

Living in Portland for a couple years got me more into sneakers and nothing comes close to UltraBOOSTs for me. And throw in a collab? I'm sold.

Throne Watches

I've been wearing Throne watches since getting one for college graduation, and can't say enough good things about their products and the team behind them, they've been so nice over the years.


Like chocolate chip cookies, I am always in the search for the perfect notebook, and this is the closest I've found. Great sticker label, soft cover, dot grid, stays open to a page. You'll always find one of these on me.