Baboon to the moon

The Brand

Baboon to the Moon has built a brand that feels unique. It’s a mix between futuristic but a nostalgic throwback to cutting out photos from magazines and  pasting them on colored construction paper — Almost a kid like attitude when it comes to adventure.

I like to start by reverse engineering a inspiration board for the brand.

Social Media

A brand about travel and adventure is perfect for Instagram and Baboon to the Moon is definitely taking advantage of this. I think the first time I actually came across Baboon to the Moon was through an IG ad.

Easily their strongest channel, they’ve nailed showing a narrative and bringing you into another world when you travel. A lot of the imagery is reminiscent of the collages you’d cut images out of magazine and paste them onto colored construction paper.

They nicely use the shop feature but clearly not overdoing it, I think a lot of brands try to sell on every single post and becomes not a brand you want to actively follow and engage with, but baboon uses posts to tell their narrative and new adventure with a lot of posts.

It does surprise me they have virtually no presence on Pinterest for being such a strong visual brand. I think it would be a great avenue for them.

The Website

The website stays right on track with all the branding and social media. I’m a huge fan of small customizations or Easter eggs, like the custom orange cursor and one of my favorite parts, if the page becomes inactive a smiley face starts bouncing around like an old school screensaver until you move your mouse again.

There are few alignments and edges that feel off but maybe it’s the copy and paste feeling I get from the aesthetic where they don’t bother me as much on this site. I’m also a big fan of the product page, great product photography that just blends in the the page as a whole, no blocking, and these comic-book-like speech bubble that would say something like “KAPOW!”

Also another great feature is after scrolling down past the “add to cart” button a sticky header appears with the “add to cart” button in the top right, always keeping a clear CTA on the product page. And obvious from their instagram but they really invested in product shots and have “in-action” shots of each different color of the bag.

A lot of these can feel like small details but I think too many DTC skip too many of these opportunity areas, and as one of my favorite Charles Eames quotes goes —

The details are not the details. They make the design.

As I purchase the bag, the buying process is pretty straight forward for any Shopify site, no real surprises here.

The Product

I decided to try out the Go-Backpack (24L). I go through a lot of backpacks, my friends usually ask me if my that’s a new backpack every time I see them, but unfortunately I got this bag right before shelter in place orders went into effect, so I’m going to leave the full review to Chase Reeves hopefully in the future, but lets talk packaging. (But overall this bag feels really solid!)

It came it a great branded sizable box with their branding and just in a plastic sleeve with the orange printing on it. The process of getting the bag feels coherent to the brand, but because of the fun nature of the brand, I’d love to see more exploration in this part of the experience.

Overall I think this brand is crushing it in most areas, and is a great example of doing a lot of things right especially with social media and building a community around their products, with only room to grow.

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