I'm Jesse.

a freelance Product Designer / Developer
currently in    Portland, OR.

About Me

I grew up in beautiful upstate New York in a small town with one stoplight. I stayed in the Northeast for college studying math at Tufts University and University of Rochester. Then I packed up my car and drove across the country out to equally as beautiful Portland, Oregon.

Okay, I skipped over some parts but that’s for another time.

I have always been fascinated by and try to live in the intersection of science and art, intuition and data, to create work that matters and stands out.


"I've brought Jesse on to countless projects over the last 4 years and he is utterly consistent in displaying professionalism, attention to detail and stellar communication. Not only is he talented, but he is a pleasure to work with - especially considering how rare it is to find a developer who is reliable and goes above and beyond the way Jesse does!"
-Rachel Hinman
"...He was able to take direction and ownership of projects, and his relentless dedication to detail made his work stand out. I would recommend Jesse to any organization and can say with confidence that he'll immediately provide value. Jesse takes pride in his work and his skills as an entrepreneur are invaluable in a climate where agility, innovation, and project ownership are key."
-Liz Presson
"Jesse is incredible!! Super helpful, patient and responsive. He really helped bring my website to life and had an amazing attitude along the way. I'm so thankful for his services and would absolutely work with him again and again!!"
- Monica Burns
"I came to Jesse with a mess of a problem and he was able to untangle it and find a seamless solution. He is very easy to work with and his communication is crystal clear - I highly recommend Jesse."
- Alexis Overell
"I have never been disappointed by the quality of work and excellent communication Jesse provides. He is now my go-to for anything related to Squarespace or website design."
- Nicole Imgrund

"Jesse was outstanding. I will have more work for him in the future. Anyone that wants a proactive/collaborative/quality freelancer, Jesse is the one. Thanks Jesse!"
- Peter Draper
"Impeccable communication. Setup for my small, emerging business was smooth and full of ease. Very supportive! Was great to work with and already coming up with our future project! He understood my needs and whenever I reached out, he was always there to help! Highly recommend! :) Thanks Jesse!"
- Arina Bebeklis
"Please stop emailing us for a testimonial. We don't know you."

-The New York Times

Selected works

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"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."
- Alice Walker
"If the path before you is clear, you're probably on someone else's."
- C.G. Jung
"The best way to complain is to make things"- James Murphy
' "quotes are for dumb people who can't think of something intelligent to say on their own."
- anonymous '- Bo Burnham
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